Rental Products

Cost Effective Solutions and Return on Investment.

Rentals are so often overlooked by many businesses, yet the benefits are without doubt incredibly favourable. Seasonal requirements often have a higher demand and the need for equipment increases. Having this facility at your disposal provides the perfect solution.

When space is at premium, rental equipment overcomes that problem; relieving the issue of equipment storage when not in use for long periods; financially better as capital outlay is reduced.

Palletower - Europe’s Largest Rental Fleet of Roll Pallets, Stillages, Plastic Boxes and Containers.
The size, quality and availability of our rental fleet is 2nd to none and we will not be beaten on price. Whatever your requirements may be, our rental solutions will fit seamlessly into place and you'll be reaping the rewards immediately. We can tailor the products and length of the rental term to suit your needs, with many options available.

Consider Rentals When Planning for Short and Medium Term Contracts?
Financially, the cost of rental can be a far better proposition over purchasing. We work closely with many clients to purpose build rental products to suit their contract requirements. This design and low cost solution enhances their service to their client.

Pallet Rental Benefits

  • No initial capital outlay, making it easy to factor into your monthly expenditure, particularly when budgeting for contracts
  • Monthly payment options
  • No minimum quantity requirement
  • Immediate despatch so you can reap the benefits immediately
  • Simple rental terms from one month and beyond
  • Call off equipment when required, reducing the need for additional storage

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